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7.2 shake

I saw my spiritual teacher yesterday whom I haven’t seen since I started making a shake for one or two meals per day. She asked what I’ve been doing because my life force energy was stronger than she has seen it with me before and just vibrating and pulsating very strongly. I told her I make a shake every day, sometimes twice per day. Here is what I put in it. 7.2 protein shake, 7.2 greens shake, some fresh kale or spinach, coconut oil, hemp oil, chia seed, cacao, maca, goji berries, a vitamin/mineral powder, half a banana, freshly cracked walnuts, three to four types of frozen fruit, kefir, and raw milk/water, calcium/magnesium supplement, and D3 as she said I’m low on it after a diet I was on. I use a Nutribullet which pulverizes everything. It tastes good and feels really good sitting in my stomach.